Registered massage therapist

Elvina Meret RMT

Elvina Meret graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2009.  Although her approach to massage therapy is multi-faceted;  her main focus is myofascial release as well as incorporating cranialsacral therapy and visceral manipulation.  Elvina is passionate about assisting patients as they work toward their goals for health and she believes that this is possible by supporting the body’s innate ability to restore it’s strength and balance in areas of injury and pain.  She considers the effects of postural dysfunction and makes recommendations for awareness and improvement of posture.  Elvina attends courses on an ongoing basis that focus on myofascial release, cranialsacral therapy and visceral manipulation.

Elvina grew up in Victoria and moved to Vancouver to pursue a job in the film industry.  After seven years of camera assisting in the busy, but fruitful Vancouver film industry, Elvina was craving a little more balance in her life and started the Massage Therapy program in New West.  She worked as an RMT in downtown Vancouver for 3 and half years before returning back home to the Victoria to be close to her family.  Elvina enjoys playing badminton, hiking, gardening, and riding her bicycle.  She is very happy to be working at the Vitality Treatment Centre in Victoria.